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KATEDRA offers Croatian language courses for foreigners which combines general course and conversation course.

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KATEDRA offers Croatian language courses for foreigners which combines general course and conversation course. Croatian for foreigners classes are organized as one-to-one courses from beginner to more advanced levels.

The courses are taught by native speakers with life-long teaching experience and organized as follows:

General course

The course includes basic conversation situations (meeting people, socializing, travelling, shopping, eating out) to more advanced skills like reading newspapers, translating and discussing Croatian history and culture.

Thanks to small groups, you will learn Croatian with students of your own age, interests and the level of knowledge. You will spend your time during the lesson more effectively and you will also learn faster because you will have the teacher’s full attention.

Our lessons usually start in September.

Individual Croatian course

The personal attention which comes from one-on-one approach makes Individual Croatian courses ideally suited for people who:

  • Have limited time available to study Croatian and need to focus on personal learning objectives
  • Want to focus their learning on a specialised subject area such as business, marketing or tourism
  • Are preparing to take Croatian language proficiency test, for legal, studying or other purposes
  • Would like assistance preparing for business presentations, negotiations or meetings, or to develop key skills such as telephoning,business correspondence and report writing
  • Want to improve their confidence in using their Croatian language skills

Individual courses features:

  • Starts at any time during the whole year
  • Course suitable for all levels from beginner to proficiency
  • Daily homework optional
  • End of course certificate

Courses content:

Your Individual Croatian courses include a detailed needs analysis and a learning syle analysis leading to a carefully tailored study program. This ensures that you and your CLA Katedra teachers maintain complete focus on your learning objectives and needs.


This course will develop the language knowledge you have already built upon, consolidating your Croatian. By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Use Croatian more effectively and with greater confidence
  • Speak more accurately and fluently
  • Use a wider vocabulary
  • Socialise more confidently
  • Understand what you read and hear more easily

Cijene tečaja:

Price on request, depending on the needs of the student.

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